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Why DirectAdmin? Five reasons

  • Ease of use

    DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel.

  • Speed

    DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available.

  • Stability

    DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes.

  • Support

    We offer high quality support, getting you the answers you need.

  • Price

    We offer flexible licensing options to suit every kind of hosting company.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Web hosting environments are constantly evolving. DirectAdmin stays in-step with today’s most sophisticated solutions. Global trends and clients feature requests are analyzed continuously and the ideas are brought to practice. We pride ourselves on stability, security, and new technologies. DirectAdmin has been developed continuously since 2003.

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Multilingual Interface

Manage your languages easily. DirectAdmin provides the ability to install a new language pack for your interface. Language packs are available free of charge to download, and everyone can participate in translations.

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  • DirectAdmin For everyone

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  • Pricing options

    Succeeding in the web hosting business requires flexibility and being competetive. We offer the choice of monthly, quarterly, annual licenses in order to suit every company.

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  • Requirements

    Please make sure that your system is properly configured before ordering DirectAdmin. You can view the minimum system requirements in the following guide.

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  • Personal Theme

    A custom layout (skin) is a great way to make your hosting company stand out. You don’t need a DirectAdmin license to write skins.

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  • Try Our Demo

    We provide access to DirectAdmin for to try first hand all its functions and features. There are three permission classes within DirectAdmin: User, Reseller and Admin.

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